Rob Clearfield

Pianist, Keyboardist, Guitarist and Composer

Rob Clearfield

Pianist, Keyboardist, Guitarist and Composer


“His unhurried tempos and deliberate right-hand lines stood in sharp contrast to the work of many other under-30 jazz musicians who confuse speed with excitement and noise with drama. Clearfield, on the other hand, allows his music to speak straightforwardly and in its own time.”

-Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune Read the Full Article Here

“…a kind of music that’s as private and as expressive as possible. It’s a sound almost impossible to classify, where intelligence and inspiration, mediated by advanced technique, yield a music imbued with a kind of alchemy.”

-Jack Walton, South Bend Tribune Read the Full Article Here

“…one of the city’s most enjoyably unpredictable players.”

-Neil Tesser, The Examiner

“The real hero of the album [Information Superhighway-This is Not the Ending] though is Clearfield’s guitar work, which grounds the solid foundations for the music to be constructed on and around, with autonomy, putting the musical interaction into perspective, defining the necessary requirements of its interaction.”

-John O’Boyle, Dutch Progressive Rock Page

“Every so often there’s a new talent who sounds like bottled lightning.”

-Lou Carlozo, Christian Century

“This recording [Rob Clearfield-A Thousand Words] is a must for fans of solo piano, but is recommended for anyone who enjoys contemplative music shared with the listener by a talented artist.”

-Brad Walseth,