“In our very noisy world, the music of Chicago pianist-composer Rob Clearfield arrives as a kind of balm.”
-Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

“With an ear for development, an appreciation for brevity, and an eye for sussing out form within form, Rob Clearfield provides everything that’s needed and then some.”
-Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

“The pianist’s 2016 release was one of the very best things to hit the shelves that year, and his trio went both wide and deep with each melody, conjuring up every possible nuance while simultaneously expanding it through a whole array of images. It was a stunning presentation.”
-Dave Sumner, Bandcamp Daily

“Clearfield without question creates his own zone”
-Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

“…a kind of music that’s as private and as expressive as possible. It’s a sound almost impossible to classify, where intelligence and inspiration, mediated by advanced technique, yield a music imbued with a kind of alchemy.”
-Jack Walton, South Bend Tribune

“…one of the city’s most enjoyably unpredictable players.”
-Neil Tesser, The Examiner

“Every so often there’s a new talent who sounds like bottled lightning.”
-Lou Carlozo, Christian Century

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