As Leader / Co-Leader

Rob Clearfield – Ashes and Diamonds (2023; Ears&Eyes Records)

Rob Clearfield and Quin KirchnerConcentric Orbits (2022; Astral Spirits/Spacetone Records)

Caroline Davis and Rob Clearfield’s Persona – Anthems (2019; Sunnyside Records)

Rob Clearfield – Wherever You’re Starting From (2018; Woolgathering Records)

Rob Clearfield – Islands (2016; Ears&Eyes Records)

Rob Clearfield Quintet – The Long and Short of It (2013)

Information Superhighway – This is Not the Ending (2010)

Rob Clearfield and Bethany Hamilton – The Beauty That We Live In (E.P. 2010)

Rob Clearfield – A Thousand Words (2009)

Information Superhighway – First Morning (2006)


As Sideman

Itamar BorochovArba (2023; Greenleaf Music)

Joel StyzensResonance (2023; Relax Your Ears)

Makaya McCravenIn These Times (2022; International Anthem/Nonesuch)

Chad McCulloughForward (2020; Outside In Music)

Quin KirchnerThe Shadows and the Light (2020; Astral Spirits)

Leslie BeukelmanGolden Daffodil (2020; Woolgathering Records)

Matt UleryDelicate Charms (2019; Woolgathering Records)

Hood Smoke – Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Wallace (2019; Ears&Eyes Records)

OutertownMade in America/And I’ll Love You (2018)

Russ JohnsonHeadlands (2018; Woolgathering Records)

Matt UlerySifting Stars (2018; Woolgathering Records)

Itamar BorochovBlue Nights (2018; Laborie Jazz)

James DavisDisappearing Roads (2018; Whistler Records)

Hood Smoke – Cannonball Porch (2018; Ears&Eyes Records)

Dan Bruce Beta CollectiveEarthshine (2017; Ears&Eyes Records)

Adam LarsonSecond City (2017; Inner Circle Music)

Matt Ulery’s Loom/LargeFestival (2016; Woolgathering Records)

Jon DeitemyerTall Tales (2016; Ears&Eyes Records)

Hood Smoke – Rough Around the Hedges (2016; Ears&Eyes Records)

District 97In Vaults (2015; Laser’s Edge)

John Wetton and District 97One More Red Night (2014; Primary Purpose)

Hood SmokeRegular Neurotic (2014)

OutertownOutertown (2014)

Matt UleryIn the Ivory (2014; Greenleaf Music)

MaitriFrom Within (E.P. 2014)

Doug RosenbergBetter Than TV (2013)

Fareed HaqueOut of Nowhere (2013; Charleston Square Recordings)

Matt Ulery’s LoomWake An Echo (2013; Greenleaf Music)

Grazyna AuguscikMan Behind the Sun (2012; EMI-Poland)

Hood SmokeLaid Up in Ordinary (2012; Origin Records)

Matt UleryBy a Little Light (2012; Greenleaf Music)

District 97Trouble With Machines (2012; Laser’s Edge)

District 97Hybrid Child (2010; Laser’s Edge)

Matt Ulery’s Loomflora.fauna.fervor (2010; 482 Music)

Greg Ward’s Fitted ShardsSouth Side Story (2008; 19/8 Records)

Fareed Haque + the Flat Earth EnsembleFlat Planet (2008; Owl Studios)

Matt Ulery’s LoomMusic Box Ballerina (2006; Woolgathering Records)